Worried about microplastics in your drinking water?


UK’s Water Industry Research has revealed that water treatment processes remove 99.9% of microplastics from drinking water sources. This research study that untreated water contained 4.9 microplastics per litre in comparison to treated water, which contained 0.00011 microplastics per litre.

Despite water treatment’s effectiveness of removing microplastics from drinking or treated water, the water industry is prompting businesses and government to do more in preventing plastics reaching the water environment or the sewer network.

Due to the amount of plastics used daily in our society, the presence of microplastics in our water increased. For an example, microfibres released from synthetic clothes during washes, breakdown of larger plastics, incorrectly flushed items down the toilet and so on.

The water industry plans to do more research to understand microplastics better. Regulators and stakeholders will use the findings from this research to develop the next research steps.

Now, water companies are committed to tackle plastic pollution and aim to prevent plastics ended up as waste by 2030.