St. Paul’s School – Implemented Water Charges Check and WaterDeck – saving over £10,000 per year

Implemented Water Charges Check and WaterDeck – audit bills, identified potential leakage, saving over £10,000 per year –

St Paul’s School is an independent school offering an outstanding, all-round education for boys since 1509 with a capacity for circa 950 pupils for both boarding and day school programmes. Located close to Hammersmith Bridge, on the south bank of the Thames, the School occupies a massive 43-acre site with multiple educational buildings and sporting facilities.

In late 2017, the School had noticed a significant variance in their water costs, increasing by around 30%. The School initially engaged First Business Water to undertake a forensic audit of their bills and consumption. Our Water Charges Check was implemented for this case, and we carried out an exhaustive audit of current water usage and compared it with past water activity and costs, including historical bill validation. Together with using our new innovative web-based platform WaterDeck, to gather water consumption data, analyse performance, and predict the trend of usage and costs.

We identified that the School was being incorrectly billed, based on incorrect meter reads and we also identified a potential leak. With the leak fixed, the school are looking at predicted savings of over £10,000 in charges and 8,000m3 of water per year. Moreover, by switching to us, the school has saved even more in cost and administration time.

We are currently working with School to install a Smart Meter and connect it with our WaterDeck platform, so we can measure and understand real-time water usage data. The WaterDeck platform has built in alerts which trigger when consumption changes rapidly or above tolerance.

First Business Water are focused on supporting educational establishments in not only providing a competitive water supply but also to help schools & colleges better understand their water consumption and identify opportunities to reduce demand.

“The team at First Business Water are focused and professional, promptly helping us to understand our costs and consumption. The WaterDeck service that they provide is excellent! Very innovative and useful technology to manage and monitor our water use.”

– Matthew Nicholl, Estates Manager – St. Paul’s School –

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