COVID19 Business reopening form

COVID19 Business reopening form

    Please complete the form below if your business is reopening following COVID19 restrictions.

    Please note:
    If you are able, and it is safe, to take meter reads, please provide us with an updated meter reading so that we can send you an accurate invoice. If you are unable to locate your meter, please email and we will assist you.

    Your full name


    Customer account numberYour account number can be found on the top of your First Business Water Invoice. It will begin with FBW.
    Current supply address and postcode

    Business name

    Reopening Meter Reading
    The date read was taken

    Is the supply metered or unmetered?

  • Number of staff before closure
    Business operational hours before closure
    Number of staff on reopening
    Business operational hours on reopening

    Additional Information

    Please enter the code below: captcha

    Need help taking meter reads? Please click here

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