The Water market opening is relatively new and not everyone knows about it. If you are non-household consumers, it could help you save a lot!

The water retail market opened in April 2017 for businesses, charities and public sector organisations. This means that ‘non-household’ customers can finally look for a suitable and better deal from different water retailers.

How does the open water market work?

Now, licensed water retailers will buy wholesale water services (physical supply of water and wastewater removal) from the water companies, who continue to supply your water, treat your wastewater and maintain the water and wastewater pipe networks. The retailers package these water services with other services and compete for customers.

What are the responsibilities of the retailers?

  • Your point of contact (apart from emergencies such as water leaking or a burst pipe, which the wholesaler will need to be informed directly).
  • Provide excellent customer services
  • Issue your bills and collect payment for your water and wastewater services
  • Water efficiency services and account management

Wholesaler Responsibilities are:

  • Managing physical issues such as burst pipes or blocked sewers.
  • Physical meter work such as repairing, replacing and checking the accuracy of water meters.
  • Dealing with emergencies such as leakages, burst pipes and blocked sewers.
  • Change location of water meter or install new meter

Who is eligible to switch?

Non household customers (premises that are used for business purposes)

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Pubs
  • Factories
  • Care homes
  • Etcetera

Still unsure about the differences between wholesalers and retailers? Give us a call @ 08008491342. Our friendly customer service team will be able to assist you!