Our Team

Our Team

Each member of our team demonstrates professionalism, experience, and passion for the water industry. As an innovative company, we work as a unit to ensure our entire process is, from start to finish, customer-centric and cost effective.

Nish – Managing Director

With a professional background at some of the most prestigious consulting firms, Nish has been working in the energy and water industry for decades and is passionate about supporting Businesses to become more sustainable. With an unparalleled level of industry expertise, he has taken on leadership roles that has seen him successfully manage teams achieving fantastic results. Not only that, but he has also worked to gain qualifications that have helped him become one of the leading players in the field. This includes becoming a Member of Association of Investment Management and Research, being CIBSE accredited, and a certified Measurement and Verification Professional.

With unparalleled experience and qualifications, he set up First Business Water as a way of providing Businesses with a clear and competitive pricing strategy and commitment to offering exceptional customer service. All underpinned by a core value of supporting and advising Businesses in understanding and reducing their water usage.

Pritesh – Commercial Director

Pritesh boasts a wealth of energy market and B2B account management experience. He is passionate about delivering a customer journey that exceeds expectations at all times. He has extensive knowledge dealing with large multi-site contracts, and brings a high level of expertise to often complicated retail portfolios. He has experience in regulation within the utilities industry with a deep and wide-ranging knowledge of regulatory issues; particularly those relating to customers, competition, compliance, price controls, licensing and the legal framework. He is a key part of the management team developing and implementing the company’s competitive strategy.

Paril – Business Development Director

Paril is a qualified chartered management accountant having worked for leading employers including Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch. Since his accounting and finance days Paril has gained insight into a diverse range of industries, sectors and organisations via a successful career in business development, sales, account management and customer service. Paril is passionate about developing long term commercial relationships and partnerships with existing and new customers.

Clive – Non-Executive Consultant

Clive has previously worked for Wessex Water, Bristol Water and Hudson Energy and has advised the Sutton and East Surrey Business Water management team. In these positions he was tasked with developing clear and important strategies that had a decisive and positive impact upon water and waste in the UK. He also previously worked for United Utilities, where Clive was responsible for developing a strategy, plan and budget for OFWAT’s draft determination.

Tina – Operations Manager

With a BA in Human Resource Management and a GNVQ in Advanced Information and Communication Technology, Tina is an invaluable addition to our team. Her extensive experience has seen her manage the Green Deal Central Database, an advanced piece of software that issued to manage information related to the collection of Green Deal Charges. Alongside her professional expertise, Tina is responsible for developing our client base. Charged with making sure we maintain our commitment to customer care as well as building long-lasting relationships with our new clients.

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