Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

At First Business Water we have developed a pricing strategy that guarantees a value-for-money service.

In fact, our prices are absolutely clear and transparent – and we simply pass on the wholesale charges to clients at cost. This creates one transparent fee for the retail services we provide.

As not only water suppliers but passionate advocates for the responsible and sustainable use of water, this structure is designed to encourage businesses to use less water.

This is because our bill is based on service fees alone; we won’t receive any more money if you use more water. Instead, we can work as part of your team to help reduce your water usage and make you far more efficient.

We comply with the market rules outlined within the Customer Code of Practice and the Retail Exit Code. You can find our standard Terms and Conditions here.

At First Business Water our prices are negotiated and are bespoke for each customer tailored to their needs. However, for a specific group of customers outlined in the codes, prices are set by the regulator which are specific for customers on deemed contracts. Details of the pricing arrangements for these customers can be found within the Retail Exit Code.

It is worth noting that customers on deemed contracts are free to negotiate a contract that suits their needs. So, if this applies to you feel free to get in contact today.

Wholesaler Tariff Charges

Wholesalers have announced forthcoming tariff changes for non-domestic premises for the period 01 April 2024 to 31st March 2025. Wholesaler prices will change from April 2024 accordingly.

Please see below for the tariffs for each wholesaler.

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