Water Usage

First Business Water’s guide to water efficiency in your workplace

To celebrate Water Saving Week, we have created a “First Business Water’s guide to water efficiency in your workplace”. Click here to download the PDF file. Water is a precious natural resource and finite. Less than 3% of the earth’s water is fresh water and only 0.3% is readily accessible. The consumption of available freshwater has to be shared between nature, agriculture, business and households. In the UK, water companies supply millions of litres a day but must be careful to…

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How much water do our everyday devices use?

Have you ever wondered how much water devices consume in your business premise or household? Based on the figures from Discover Water, the average in the UK is 141 litres per person per day. This amount might not seem that significant, but if we compare this against one of our EU neighbours, Germany, who use only 121 litres per person per day! – that is circa 15% less than us. So, let’s have a look at what constitutes the make…

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