First Business Water is ranked highly in comparison to other water retailers with a performance rate of 95.2% success of tasks completed on time

  MOSL published the latest chart of Market Performance by National Retailers (April 2018), showing how each retailer performed and completed tasks in accordance with Market Performance Standards (MPS). The three main tasks that retailers have been assessed against are Partial Registration, Late Meter Read submission and Missed Meter Reads which are measured by successes (on time) and failures (late). So far, First Business Water has achieved a performance rate a 95.2% success rate of tasks completed on time reflecting…

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Wholesale water prices updated from April 2018 – The highest RPI level in 5 years – Water companies announce wholesale charges scheme 2018/19

Wholesalers have announced forthcoming tariff changes for non-domestic premises for the period April 2018 to March 2019. With inflation running at the highest level since 2012, the average price increase is circa 4-5%. We have analysed the small user volumetric charge per m3 tariff for the wholesalers and determined the % increase on 2017/18 tariffs. For most wholesalers (Thames, United Utilities, Anglian & Northumbrian) there is a higher % increase in the wastewater tariff as compared to the clean water…

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