Check your kitchen tap and find out if your whole property is affected

If there is water coming out of your cold kitchen tap but not in any other area of your house, such as bathroom/shower, then the problem would most likely be your internal plumbing. Contact your plumber as soon as possible.

Check with your neighbours or flat’s managements

If your neighbour’s water supply is fine, it could mean that there is a problem with your internal plumbing. However, if your neighbour also has issue with their supply, it’s most probably a burst water main or planned works in your area. Check for updates on your water provider’s website and report any issue to them.

Check your stop valves

Remember to check your stop valves and make sure it is fully opened. Stop valves are usually located under your kitchen sink. If you noticed that your stop valve is closed, turn it anti-clockwise (all the way) to ensure that it is open. You should see water coming through your tap once you have done this.

Check for frozen pipes

Cold weather can cause pipes to freeze and burst or even cause frozen blockage. Remember to check for any damages before taking any appropriate action.