We recognise that for many businesses this is a challenging and difficult time and in line with guidance provided by the regulator Ofwat we have put in a package of measures to support our customers.

COVID-19 Affected Customers:

COVID-19 Affected customers are those that have temporarily closed in line with Government Guidelines or where there has been a significant reduction in water consumption. For these customers we have already suspended wholesale water and waste-water charges. Further where a business is qualified as a COVD-19 Affected Customer the Non- Household Customer will not be:

a) Served disconnection notices for the non-payment of bills or invoices;

b) Subject to default interest or late payment charges for the non-payment of invoices issued from the 1st June 2020; and

c) Subject to enforcement proceedings for the non-payment of invoices.

COVID-19 Repayment Plan

For those businesses that are facing difficulties due to COVID-19 and who are worried about making payments, we are offering a COVID-19 repayment scheme. This will allow our customers to spread the payment of their water bills.

Eligibility for our COVID-19 Repayment Scheme

You’re eligible for our Covid-19 Repayment Scheme if you’re having difficulties paying for your water, or your business has used much less water as a direct result of the coronavirus or related government restrictions.

In order to access our Repayment Scheme, you will need to demonstrate that you have already attempted to access government support. If you haven’t already, then we recommend that you explore the range of measures on offer from the government to provide support to businesses at this time – link to

We may also request additional information which includes meter readings showing a reduction in consumption, or financial statements showing a reduction in cash flow.

If you believe that your eligible for the scheme – please contact us on co*******@fi****************.uk

Following receipt of your request, your individual circumstances are confidentially and carefully assessed and where appropriate a payment plan will be offered.

Our COVID-19 Repayment Plan

If you’re eligible for our Covid-19 Repayment Scheme, we’ll work with you on a repayment plan that suits your individual circumstances, and ability to pay.

We will establish with you whether a payment plan is required in relation to:

a) To the outstanding amount you owe us and you continue to pay for future invoices as they fall due in accordance with their terms (“Payment Plan”); or

b) To include the outstanding amount you owe us and future invoices within our COVID-19 Repayment Plan (“Advance Plan”). For the Advance Plan we will reasonably estimate the sums due to us in respect of the Services provided over an agreed time period.

Based on your individual circumstance we will agree the payment plan period to spread your repayments across.

The Repayment Scheme will be open until 30th June 2021, or until such time as the English regulator Ofwat determines, to help non-households in England manage their cashflow. 

Any offer of financial support is subject to the following key terms and conditions.

COVID-19 repayment plan – Key Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions are specific to the COVID-19 Repayment Plan and are supplemental to and to be read in conjunction with current terms and conditions of supply.
  2. The Customer shall make payment of the Payment Plan amount on each relevant Payment Plan Date
  3. The Customer must be on Direct Debit
  4. No interest will be charged when the Customer pays in line with agreed COVID-19 Repayment Plan
  5. Any failure or delay in paying will automatically cancel the Repayment Scheme and the full amount is immediately due and payable
  6. Failure to pay the agreed Repayment Plan will lead to late payment charges and disconnection of supply in accordance with current terms and conditions of supply.
  7. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall preclude the Customer from making payment in addition to the scheduled payments

Customers not affected by Covid-19:

For our customers not affected by COVID-19 we expect you to continue paying your bills on time to avoid any disruption to your water supply. If you can and it safe to do – please provide us with a meter reads to me********@fi****************.uk

Your business premises

If you haven’t already, please let us know as soon as possible if your business is temporarily closed or if you are now ready to re-open, following Covid-19 restrictions.

Temporary Closure Form 

Re-opening Premises Form